SketchUp Pro, vienerių metų licencija
Channel SketchUp Pro for professional use, annual termed contract. SketchUp Pro annual termed contract includes: 1) individual use of SketchUp desktop; 2) LayOut; 3) Style Builder; 4) SketchUp Viewer for XR apps, SketchUp Viewer for Mobile apps; 5) SketchUp web; 6) Pro support, Pro learning; 7) Trimble Connect for Business.
337.00 € 337.0 EUR
SketchUp Studio bundle, annual termed contract
Includes individual use of: Sefaira, SketchUp client desktop, LayOut, Style Builder, SketchUp Viewer for XR, SketchUp Viewer for Mobile, SketchUp for web, support, and Trimble Connect for Business.
722.00 € 722.0 EUR